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Why onboarding? For most people starting a new job marks the beginning of a new chapter in their life. For some it is their first real job, whereas others change profession or make a big step in their career. Whatever motivation, it takes them one step further in becoming a more well rounded human being and is a milestone on their personal journey.

Therefore, starting a new job is a big move. Especially on the first day, where you are "the new one“. Sure, you prepare, eager to make a great first impression and you gather all the strength and confidence you possess. But what happens to that confidence and immense motivation if no one is there to receive you? With no desk prepared and no one caring. You feel like all dressed up, having nowhere to go.

What if this person is your new employee for whom you put a lot of effort in recruiting and selecting, and who could be a key future player for your business? You may not recognize it yet, but in that moment not only the motivation to engage drops but your employee has made the decision to not stay at your company for long.

At yuccaHR we care about employees, because we care about people. Starting a new job can be terrifying, but we know that it doesn’t have to be that way. So we started yuccaHR with the vision to make everybody’s onboarding an enhancing experience, and a milestone they will always remember.

Niek van der Veen, Head of Product at yuccaHR

Niek van der Veen

Head of Product

Florian Baum, Head of Sales at yuccaHR

Florian Baum

Head of Sales

Jure Skara, Lead Engineer at yuccaHR

Jure Skara

Lead Engineer

Simon Busley, Software Engineer at yuccaHR

Simon Busley

Software Engineer

Abdel Latrache, Software Engineer at yuccaHR

Abdel Latrache

Software Engineer

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