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yuccaHR helps you to setup, manage and improve your onboarding through automated journeys. Get key stakeholders involved and minimize your workload to focus on relevant tasks. And most importantly, make your new hire feel welcomed even before day one.

Overview of a yuccaHR dashboard
Overview dashboard of all available journeys

Start your Journey

Make a head start with our 90-day journey templates—based on the world’s leading practises and scientific research in onboarding. Let’s kick-off the first days of your new hires, whilst keeping your effort to a minimum.

It’s never been easier to personalize the new hire journeys and create unique experiences that build on your current processes.

Assign activities to managers and other team members to share accountability. It is important and that not everything comes down on one person, often from HR, and it helps the new hire to start building important relationships from day one.

yuccaHR dashboard showing individual progress of each new hire

Automate your processes

yuccaHR automatically delivers information at the right time to the right people. Once a new hires is assigned to a journey, activities will be sent out automatically.

Collect feedback from new hires with short recurring surveys. Track if your new hires feel welcomed by the team and if they enjoy their new organization. Gather feedback on how they enjoyed their onboarding and how to make the experience even better!

Connect and integrate with your other software tools. Effortlessly transferring new hire’s information into yuccaHR with ATS software and schedule review sessions automatically with calendar tools.

yuccaHR view of a dashboard to manage your hires

Manage your new hires

Assign your new hires to fitting journeys, segmented by position, department, location, level of experience, or however you wish to. It has never been easier to give every new hire a personal onboarding experience that includes stakeholders for the success of the new hire.

With the dashboard you successfully oversee the progress of all your new hires. yuccaHR takes care of all activities and stakeholders and immediately notifies you when an issue arrises.

With one simple action (the click of a button) you can address the issue and solve it or set a solution in motion. Onboarding can be that simple with yuccaHR.

„yuccaHR enables us to set up an onboarding process in the simplest of ways, it not only works for different stakeholders, but also provides constant feedback about the current status in our new employees onboarding„
Franziska Weidl, Eurowings Digital

Franziska Weidl

Head of People
@Eurowings Digital

Slack & Teams

With our integration to Slack or Microsoft Teams, your employees can simply stay in the communication platform they already use all day. No need to introduce yet another tool, which saves you and your people valuable time.

yuccaHR Slack Bot

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