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Boost engagement with an onboarding experience that motivates new hires.

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Go beyond traditional onboarding

Boost engagement & motivation

Promote your company culture & employer brand

Increase retention & productivity levels

Automate your onboarding
and share responsibility

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Share responsibility

Empower your team to engage and to build meaningful relationships with new employees from the first day.

World’s leading content

Create your own onboarding success story with carefully designed templates built from the world’s best practises.

Automate processes

Minimize your workload with a system that automatically takes care of all activities and stakeholders in the process.

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Design your perfect onboarding processes with the help of world’s leading onboarding content.

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Individualize your onboarding to team and departmental needs. Easily segment new hires into relevant journeys.

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Make your managers and other team members part of the new hire’s onboarding to share the responsibilities and build relationships.

How it works
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Oversee all activities and get notified when someone needs attention — react easily through a variety of actions.

How it works
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Easily integrate yuccaHR with the tools your team already loves

Integrate yuccaHR with your preferred communication platforms now. We work hard to add more integrations within recruiting and HR software, calendars, e-signing tools, and more.


You are in good company

„Really excited from what I have already seen from the team at yuccaHR. As an employee onboarding professional there are so many moving parts you need to manage within the new hire onboarding journey, and these moving parts often result in a lot of headaches. It’s clear the team at yuccaHR is going to solve these headaches for trainers, HR pros, and people operations folks alike.„
Max Cohen, HubSpot

Max Cohen

Facilitator on Learning & Development Team @HubSpot
„yuccaHR’s interface works very intuitive when it comes to getting new talents on board. For me it is as an easy-to-use and organized way to be aware of all newcomers at any time. It helps to ensure that they have a standardized, yet exclusive onboarding experience, depending on how, what and when you want to present each topic to your talents.„
Rosa Fernanda, trivago

Rosa Fernanda

Organizational Experience Specialist @trivago

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